Alzheimer’s Care

It’s Uncommon Care. 

Our Design.

Forget the idea of a typical assisted living. Instead, imagine a residence that looks and feels like a real home. A large backyard. Home-cooked meals. Private bedrooms. Chairs by the fire. A house pet. This is Bader House.

Joyful Moments.

Every day is an opportunity to look for ideas to make one’s life better. Celebration. Community. Communication. We never forget that individuals with Alzheimer’s are individuals first.

Alzheimer’s Disease Experts.

For over 20 years, we’ve been working with people with Alzheimer’s disease. Our philosophy of care is quite simple. Focus on strengths rather than weaknesses. Be kind, always. Never stop trying to communicate.

Dining Together.

The aroma of food stimulates the appetite. Our staff joins the residents at meals five times a day. We create an inviting atmosphere to socialize and enjoy that second cup of coffee together.

Our Staff.

You will discover our staff is simply outstanding. They have to be. After all, care is only as good as those who deliver it. Our staff receives ongoing training. And all are hired as much for their belief in the dignity of every person as for their professional skills.

Meet Margie

Margie taught hundreds of elementary school children.

She married and raised 2 girls and a boy.

She faced challenges and reaped the rewards of helping others.

At Bader House we’re making the next picture of her life just as memorable.

Come see how Bader House is making a difference.

Meet Albert

Albert fought for the U.S. Navy during World War II.

He braved some amazing trials of life.

He worked hard for his family and experienced many personal victories.

It’s our honor to be a part of Albert’s life and we’re here to provide our care on his newest journey.

Come take a private tour of Bader House.

Uncommon Programs.
Quality Experiences.

Harriet loves going outdoors and can safely.

Walter is exercising and eating better now.

Betty likes socializing

Clara loves kids and they love her.

Helping Your Family.


We understand the stress of caring for a loved one. Bader House believes it helps to have the support of people who have been through these struggles. We always offer a listening ear, a kind word, and advice based on experience.

Only 24 Residents.

A uniquely high staff to resident ratio. This allows our caregivers to spend more quality time with each resident. All resident rooms are private. Opportunities for peer socialization are created by several comfortable and inviting common spaces.

Thoughtful, Consistent Care.

The path of dementia varies in everyone. The level of care, which is right for one person, might infringe upon the independence of another. We tailor the care based on the individual needs of our residents.

Secure Place To Live.

Bader House is a safe and secure community. Both indoors and out. Our residents have the freedom to enjoy our large fenced backyard. They can experience nature strolling on our walking path to gardening on the patio.

“Skilled Team”

“I like that therapists and doctors are available to come on-site. Nurses are concerned with all issues. The staff suggests solutions to problems. I like that I can "come and go".”
Rita, daughter of resident

“At First…”

She didn't like the way we cleaned her room, but... I liked “the small intimate facility - it felt like a home. They always had the residents together doing activities.”
Grace, sister of resident