• “Surprisingly different. Perfect for Mom.”

    “We were looking for a smaller place, that offered a higher level of personal attention for my Mom. My husband and I fell in love with Bader House right away. We brought my mother over here so she could pick out her room and she settled right in. "Could I spend the night here?" is what she asked when she first saw it!”
    — Pam, daughter of resident
  • “At First…”

    She didn't like the way we cleaned her room, but... I liked “the small intimate facility - it felt like a home. They always had the residents together doing activities.”
    — Grace, sister of resident
  • “Excellent Detailed Attention”

    “Program - "I was always impressed with how the program director worked with the residents". Nursing - "Your nurses were excellent! They were always helpful and showed sincere compassion." Overall - "Bader House was a wonderful option for my Dad. He was always made to feel like family there, as was I. Many thanks and much gratitude."”
    — Tom, son of resident
  • “Happy about Transition.”

    “My husband is adjusting well in his transition. I believe this is reflective of the professionalism of the administration and staff.”
    — Theresa, wife of Resident
  • “Genuinely kind”

    “Your activities coordinators were absolutely the best. Fun, lots of love and laughter with the residents.” “There is no way to express my gratitude for the loving care your staff provided for my Mom. Genuine, kind, loving, professional, helpful, exceptional.”
    — Anita, wife of resident
  • “Peace of Mind.”

    “What peace of mind you have given me. Bader House has been a god send.”
    — Jenn, daughter of resident
  • “Special place for just memory care.”

    “My dad’s doing well because of the food. That was a difficult challenge for us because he could no longer cook for himself. Bader House has regular meals 5 times a day. Very smart. He also enjoys participating with others now. He didn’t do that before. It’s a comfort to me. To rest easier, and not worry about him 24 hours-a-day.”
    — Patricia, daughter of resident
  • “Skilled Team”

    “I like that therapists and doctors are available to come on-site. Nurses are concerned with all issues. The staff suggests solutions to problems. I like that I can "come and go".”
    — Rita, daughter of resident