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Bader House is accessed from Central Expressway (US 75) and George Bush Turnpike. Its secure backyard overlooks a small community lake.

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Address: 1667 W. Plano Parkway, Plano, Texas 75075. Located in southeast Plano.

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    My education is in long-term care and senior housing but
    it wasn’t until my grandmother was diagnosed with dementia that I knew I wanted to work with residents in a Memory Care setting.

    Grandma introduced me to butterflies in her flower gardens when I was a child and they immediately became my favorite. Six months before she passed away, I decided to bring her a live monarch butterfly in a mason jar that I had caught in the backyard. I went over to visit her at her home and what I thought was going to be the usual visit became one of the greatest memories of my life. I placed the butterfly in the jar on the table in front of her.
    She stared at it for a moment and then looked up at me and said, “You’re Allison”. She hadn’t remembered who I was for over 5 years until this very moment.

    I work in Memory Care because I want to help families and residents reconnect in ways they may have thought weren’t possible, just like the butterfly who helped me reconnect with my grandmother once more.

    Allison Rubin


    Relationships are key.

    I truly believe that inside every person – regardless of their stage in life – is a desire to be valued and accepted for exactly who we are. That’s why I love the Bader House philosophy of focusing on our residents’ strengths. Each resident has the opportunity to express themselves even when they are non-verbal. By finding unique ways to activate engagement and build connections, as caregivers we are able to bring and receive more joy.

    Angel Piorkowski

    Community Relations Director